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i need help

i need help

Postby blaze » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:02 pm

i have left my girlfriend but haven found a new place yet so she still has all my stuff.... do i have the right to see my stuff to see if its still there and still in good shape.....i have already been giving permission form her to go there anytime to visit. but can i go in the basement and check on my tools and can i go in the bedroom to check on my bed and dressers? reason im asking is not because im worries about my stuff but because she in under investigation by child protective services and is trying to keep me from seeing my daughter. my daughter should not be in her care but child protective services cannot do anything because thay dont see how dirty it is and how she dosent take care of the kids (one is mine). she already told me i can go there anytime to see the baby so child protective services said to go and call them if i see anything...im going to take pictures and shes probly gona close the bedroom door where my stuff is and its also where the baby sleeps so if i can get in i can take a picture and show them as proof. Then i can get my daughter in a safe home not a disgusting mess that she calls her home
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